Miranda Stewart

Los Angeles-based director

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Jameson and Claire have been together for three years when she breaks the news to Jameson that she’s been cheating on him and wants to break up. Jameson finds himself in a haze of heartbreak and hopelessness, and tries to find solace in his best friend Emily. She, however, just found out that she inherited a life-threatening heart condition from her mother who died from the same disease.

In March of 2013, Miranda directed her first feature film, Fishbowl. Completed in mid-2015, it is currently being submitted to festivals.

The film follows Emily (Aylia Colwell, nominated for Best Actress by the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards) and Jameson (Daniel J. Taylor) as they try to cope with these changes, letting their lives unravel and then trying to pick the pieces back up again. The script brings an unexpected layer of comedy to otherwise difficult situations.

Aylia Colwell nominated for Best Actress.